We promote values, love, devotion, communication and enrichment of relationships, we have daring proposals for those who would like to sustain nice things in communication, intimacy, with discretion and privacy, in a very conservative ambience with a touch of liberty, sensuality and youth.

Our part is to be a mediator, a generator of space where authenticity opens with no restrictions, we act in a responsible, respective way, with a different treatment to each client.

The objective of our Organization is to expand our philosophy to other cities, inviting selected investors which meet our consolidated profile and unprecedented style. While we promote values, one may enjoy the benefits that it generates.

We invite you to enjoy this reality, and you are always welcome to visit Girona (Catalonia) in Spain, to read hundreds of opinions in the hotel guest book and leading internet portals that acknowledge the value of our new philosophy.


We take care and value feelings, sensations, and relationships. This philosophy made us ask ourselves last six years, – What is the place, world widely speaking, that fits in this category.

PARIS, the international capital of romance, culture and fashion. An unparalleled model of an outstanding city. Our way of thinking is connected with its philosophy, making it a perfect city to grow in, because Paris is immortal with its legends, bridges, water, stones, memories, glamour, charm, passions, magic and love.

What we search for

To apply our know-how of a truly unique hotel-museum, our amiability, kindness and philosophy of a new type of hotel that helps to find passion and health in human relationships. We have a proper decoration, marble sculptures, special tantric settings and a lot of other things that we want to show and explain, for that we seek out a partnership without ruling out any option:

  • Investor or investors
  • Hotel owner who wants to sell his property.
  • Owner who wants to keep his property and professionalise the management in different ways, multiplying the profitability
  • We like to take over direct management, with shared returns or percentage
  • We are open to negotiate any option of cooperation to initiate this business.

We are searching for someone with a will and ability to share our dreams, to join their search for yield, the pleasure of enjoying, having a brand with weight and an advantage of anticipating the future.

Where we search for

Basically inside the ring road of Paris, prioritising the districts 1 to 7 without ruling out other possibilities. Our intention is not to create a hotel chain, which goes against our philosophy as each establishment should have its own personality, but we know that Paris deserves several of establishments like that offer four star forward. The chances of successful implementation are very high..

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Magic, mystery, legends... that is what you can find in the Old Town of Girona with more than 2.000 years of history; next to the Sant Feliu basilica, the Cathedral, the Arab baths, the Jewish Quarter, you can find the Hotel Museu Llegendes de Girona Catedral ****, www.llegendeshotel.coma restored medieval jewel where, according to tradition, between 304-307 AD, lived Saint Narcis, bishop, martyr, saint and patron of Girona.

The house, nowadays transformed to hotel, distils history and emotions. We come from a dream, desiring to create a new popular name which will transcend generations, with prestige, memory, legends, soul and, first of all, Charm.

In Hotel Museu Llegendes de Girona Catedral**** we are different, we maintain an inherent philosophy to create experiences and unforgettable nights, with moments which will go through the life of our clients as great and happy memories. We do not sell rooms, we offer emotions, to go beyond being just a hotel.



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Portal de la Barca, 4 17004 Girona, (Spain)